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Presented by Persimmon Connections                                                                                      Updated: July 3, 2022
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Unlimited Local and Long Distance Bundled and Flat Rate Phone Services

Provided by Persimmon Telecommunications

Most phone service providers offer unlimited (flat rate) calling plans today. However, if you see significant charges on yor phone bill for minutes and/or toll calls, there are plans with flat monthly rates for unlimited local and long distance calling that will probably save you money. In any case economical plans with combined local and long distance telephone services can benefit you! Obtain your local dial tone and long distance in a bundle, for one low monthly fee on one bill.

If you have a broadband internet connection, the best phone plan for your local and long distance calling is probably a VoIP (Voice over IP) plan.   If you do not have a high speed internet connection, see some attractive options for DSL, cable, fiber, and/or satellite broadband service available at your location(s)

Based on our analysis and sales of telecommunications services since 1995, you will find the best landline phone plans for your location(s) presented at Bundled Local and Long Distance Plans. Although price is very important, quality is also considered in the choices presented.

For a comparison to plans available in your area that charge for usage, enter your info in the Best Rate Calculator.

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